Thursday, Dec. 15th

We’ll carry on with the research for the I.R.R. in the new year.

Have a great holiday!


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Tuesday, Dec.13th

Kiran and Patricia presented today, followed by the TEAM ROUTINE.  Well done!

Task 1 has now begun…

The teams then worked on coming up with a RESEARCH QUESTION that either an academic or real world issue.  The goal is to have a solid question before the holidays.

Please bring a MUG to class on Thursday.

The I.R.R. is due on January 31st, 2017.

The T.M.P. will take place on February 10th, 2017.


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Friday, Dec. 9th

Aiden, Yang, Kiana, and Peter presented today.  Next class, Kiran and Patricia will present, and then we shall officially launch into TASK 1:  The Team Project.


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Wednesday, Dec. 7th

We did the second set of Individual Presentations and Oral Defences today.

Next class, Yang, Patricia, Aiden, and Kiana will present.

If there is time left over, your teams can continue choreographing your routine.  We shall present these on Tuesday, Dec. 13th.

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Monday, Dec. 5th


Daniel, Chantel, Carol, and Thomas.

Next class, Shane, Shu Lei, Jamie and Ryan will present.  Please have your media ready to go on a usb stick.  Do not rely on the internet.


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The Capstone Illuminati


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Thursday, Dec. 1st

We briefly went over the rubric for the Individual Presentation.  Note that you can add what was missing from your paper to improve your argument if need be.

We went to the lab to work on the media for the rest of the class.  Please bring back the rubrics next class.  Be ready to present.  We shall draw for who presents first.


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