Tuesday, May 16th

Please make sure that you have handed in your METACOGNITIVE JOURNAL ENTRIES on Question and Explore, and 

      Understanding and Analyzing Arguments.

Today, we worked on Evaluating Multiple Perspectives by reporting on the podcasts we’ve listened to and taking notes on the various perspectives represented.  Your notes should include:

  • recognizing the complexity of an issue, idea or problem by comparing different perspectives
  • noting whether these perspectives support, oppose, compete or vary stances on the issue and how these perspectives are in conversation with each other
  • considering the biases, assumptions, relevance and importance of the various perspectives.

We are not quite done, so we shall finish this off on Thursday, May 18th.

Remember that each journal entry is worth 50 marks as it provides evidence of your mastery of the A.P. Capstone Seminar skills.


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