Monday, June 19th

We finished off the year with a viewing of our own episode of JOHN OLIVER LAST WEEK TONIGHT, and an A.P. Capstone Seminar/Research Debate.

Have a great summer!

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Thursday, June 15th

We watched the rough copy of the John Oliver Show.  All we need now are the graphics.  We’ll view the final product on Monday.

We considered Research possibilities for next year, including our examination of the latest Trump version of Julius Caesar and the ramifications of this production.

Please bring back the text Reading the World next class if you haven’t done so already.

We will be having a debate with the AP Research class on Monday.


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Tuesday, June 13th

We green screen filmed our JOHN OLIVER LAST WEEK TONIGHT show.  Peter and Yang will do the editing, and we’ll finalize everything on Thursday.  Peter and Yang, can you bring your laptops with you?

Good work everyone!

On Monday, we will view our final product and possible launch it onto youtube. We will also have an A.P. Capstone Seminar/Research Debate rematch.

Please return the text you received at the beginning of the year.

Peter, I need your metacognitive journal on “E” (EVALUATING PERSPECTIVES).

Look on the homework site for details.


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Friday, June 9th

Good work on the “John Oliver Last Week Tonight” show!  The storyboard is almost complete and can be found in the dropbox.  The script, including the CONCLUSION (ShuLei), should be COMPLETE by Tuesday’s class.  Please meet in the classroom.

We will be filming the show in segments so that each group can then insert the media as we go.  Peter and Yang will splice all the segments together on Thursday and then we shall be done!

Congratulations on your debate win!

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Wednesday, June 7th

We worked on the “John Oliver” research and script AND the debate today. Please show up at 7:30 a.m. in my room tomorrow for the debate.

Make sure that your portion of the script is completed and posted on the class google doc before Friday’s class.  We will be doing the storyboard and editing next class.

Filming will happen on Tuesday, June 13th.

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Monday, June 5th

We worked on the research and script for the John Oliver show today.  Please carry on at home, but put everything onto the group google doc.  Yang and Carol will be the editors.

Next class, the debaters will prepare for their competition on Thursday, June 8th.  Everyone else will continue working on the show.  We will be filming on Tuesday, June 13th.

The debate will be at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 8th in Ms. Burbidge’s room.

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Thursday, June 1st

We will be covering “S” through the DEBATE on Thursday, June 8th at 7:30 a.m. in Ms. Burbidge’s room.  (You can sleep in on Friday, June 9th).

For “T,” we will be creating our own John Oliver Last Week Tonight segment.  On Monday, we will be doing the research, script, and media prep.  We will be filming on June 13th and editing on June 15th for the premiere on June 19th.


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