Thursday, May 18th

The remaining people presented on their podcasts while everyone else finished off their notes on the PERSPECTIVES for the METACOGNITIVE JOURNAL : Evaluating Multiple Perspectives.

For S:  Synthesis,  we will be DEMONSTRATING our skill rather than writing about it.  You will show your ability to SYNTHESIZE through the DEBATE on June 8th (7:30 a.m.).

  • transform accumulated knowledge, emerging ideas, and perspectives into a CONCLUSION.
  • situate your argument in a larger conversation.
  • consider other perspectives, points of view, lines of reasoning
  • think critically
  • do not simply repeat others’ ideas.

A number of you are off to Japan next week.  The rest of us will watch the documentary Tim’s Vermeer as an example of a RESEARCH PROJECT.

Bon voyage!


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Tuesday, May 16th

Please make sure that you have handed in your METACOGNITIVE JOURNAL ENTRIES on Question and Explore, and 

      Understanding and Analyzing Arguments.

Today, we worked on Evaluating Multiple Perspectives by reporting on the podcasts we’ve listened to and taking notes on the various perspectives represented.  Your notes should include:

  • recognizing the complexity of an issue, idea or problem by comparing different perspectives
  • noting whether these perspectives support, oppose, compete or vary stances on the issue and how these perspectives are in conversation with each other
  • considering the biases, assumptions, relevance and importance of the various perspectives.

We are not quite done, so we shall finish this off on Thursday, May 18th.

Remember that each journal entry is worth 50 marks as it provides evidence of your mastery of the A.P. Capstone Seminar skills.


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Friday, May 12th

We went over the second skill of the Q.U.E.S.T., Understanding and Analyzing arguments, and then went to the lab to listen to our podcasts.  While we listened, we took notes on what we heard to demonstrate the “U.”

  • demonstrate comprehension of concepts and perspectives
  • identify and explain salient ideas in a text
  • explain perspective to others
  • analyze point of view, purpose, line of reasoning, selection of details, method, and quality of evidence
  • identify implications, consequences, limitations.

This is due at the beginning of next class.


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Wednesday, May 10th

We are gathering evidence that you have completed your Q.U.E.S.T. over the next  four classes.  Each METACOGNITIVE JOURNAL entry will be marked out of 50 marks for your class grade.  Today, we wrote on the first aspect:  QUESTION AND EXPLORE.

Provide evidence that you have:

  • stimulated your intellectual curiosity
  • explored competing perspectives
  • developed your own perspective on an issue
  • developed additional questions

After writing this journal entry, we brainstormed possible research topics for next year by reflecting on what you have learned in your A.P. classes, and issues that have arisen in current events.

Please bring headphones on Friday.  We will be listening to podcasts.  Everyone has either signed up for a podcast or has been assigned one.


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Monday, May 8th

We will be back at it on Wednesday, May 10th.  Good luck on your remaining examinations!

Please bring your signed FIELDTRIP FORM to class on Wednesday.


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May the fourth be with you!


Good luck on your END OF COURSE EXAM TODAY!

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Tuesday, May 2nd

We wrote the mock E.O.C. PART II today.  Those of you who handed it in will have it marked and returned on Thursday.

Do note that your exam starts at noon on Thursday, May 4th.  Bring several blue/black ink pens with you.

We will go over Part II and any remaining questions you may have before the exam in class on Thursday.


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Friday, April 28th

Congratulations on completing TASK 2!

We briefly discussed the E.O.C. Part II exam and what you could potentially write about before getting another Part II exam to practice at home.  Give yourself ONLY 90 minutes to simulate the exam conditions.

Please arrive by 8:30 on Tuesday for our mock Part II exam.  This will carry into 10 minutes of the break if necessary.



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Wednesday, April 26th

Aiden, Yang, and Patricia presented today.  Next class, Jamie, Kiana, and Shane will present.

Having read the four sources in the E.O.C. Part II, come up with an essay outline.  If you want to practice writing the whole paper, feel free, but all you will need is a well thought through outline detailing the evidence you will use.


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Friday, April 21st

We went to see the A.P. Capstone Research students present their thesis and defence today.  We shall talk about your responses and inspirations next class.

Aiden, Patricia and Yang will be presenting.

Please input your AP Student number onto the digital portfolio if you haven’t done so already.


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